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2020 This Month Special

HIGH RESILIENCE FOAM For excellent resiliency and long-lasting usage help your body for a more comfortable night’s sleep. high-density base support foam provides surrounding support and responsive relief that helps evenly distribute pressure points in any sleeping position.

LAYERS OF COMFORTA soft top layer of adaptive foam “hugs” you, while a base layer of responsive Miracoils “holds” you for foundational support.

IDEAL SUPPORT FOR ANY POSITIONthis ergonomics design enables the mattress to mold to the sleeper’s natural shape and keeps you cool while you sleep, it strikes a balance between firmness and softness. It is firm enough to support you, but soft enough to be gentle where you’re sensitive.

MAINTENANCE FREE Made of hypoallergenic material to keep out dust mites, pollen, mold and pet dander—perfect for kids or adults who suffer from allergies.

SMART SHIPPING-Ship direct from Dreamland Factory By Dreamland own lorry to your doorstep.

  • Total Height: 10″
  • Firmness: Firm