Chiro Miracoil™ Solutions

Dreamland Chiro Mattresses; mattresses that are co-designed by practicing chiropractors to care for your backs and spines. In addition, the use of the world’s most advanced spring system, the Miracoil™ Spring System, provides increased spinal support and comfort due to the increased coil count in its central zone.

Pocket Spring Solutions

The individually encased spring of the Pocket Spring System enables each spring to provide more points of support, thus distributes pressure evenly. The result: a mattress that perfectly supports your body – in any sleeping position.

From: RM5,099.00 From: RM2,899.00


Dreamland Innergie Anti-Stress Sensotic

From: RM3,699.00 From: RM2,899.00
From: RM6,899.00 From: RM3,599.00