Why Join Our Referral Program

  1. Additional Source of Income for Your Website / Blogging
    Don’t let anything go to waste! Even simple text links in your blog articles can bring in extra revenue!
  2. Earn Commission on Sales
    – Personal Sale Commission 100
    – Team Leader Overriding Commission 40
    – Group Manager Overriding Commission 20
  3. Long Term Partnership
    We pack and ship the product to your customers.
  4. You Doesn’t Have to Keep Stock
    It is best for those who want to start a business without having to worry about the operations (warehousing, packaging, shipping of products). The main focus for a our affiliate will be on selling the product only!
  5. Who Should Join?

    We are looking for individuals who are looking to make an additional source of income such as:

    • college student
    • office lady
    • house mover
    • interior design firm
    • blogger
    • influencer
    • vlogger
    • online seller
    • retail owners
    • housewife
YES! I Want To Join Now

        It’s EASY TO SELL to consumers

  1. FLEXIBILITY to work anytime, anywhere
  2. NO monthly TARGET or QUOTA to hit
  3. NO CAPITAL, you don’t have to keep stock
  4. You sell, WE handle the operation (PACK and DELIVER) for you 
  5. 100% ORIGINAL stock direct from Dreamland (not fake, imitation product)
  6. LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP, pay once only to join. No other fees GUARANTEED

How does it work?

Ideal Mattress Shop Affiliate

Step 1

Sign Up As Our Affiliate

Step 2

Introduce Ideal Mattress Shop to your friend with your affiliate link

Step 3

He/She Bought From Your Affiliate Link

Step 4

You receive the commission after delivery done

Here’s your chance to receive big cash payments for your referrals! With our Ideal’s Referral Program, you can earn up to MYR 5,000 per month!

Entry into our Referral Program is free and is open to everyone, even non-customers. And of course, our great branded mattress pretty much sells itself. Earn up to MYR 5,000 per month with our Referral Program!

Ideal referral program simplifies and speeds up your income source from your blog/ Instagram or social media. Once you have signed up as an online referral, you have access to branded hotel mattress to sell in your own online store or blog. You may review the products as well as social media like Facebook and Instagram.

The best part for this referral program is you do not need to buy any of the items nor keep stock. Furthermore, it is one time effort for writing the review of product but long term source of income (as long as your reader/follower click your link and purchase) then you can get the paid while you sleep.

Once order and payment are confirmed, our logistics team will then pick the item from our inventory, pack and deliver it to next available delivery.

One man show can’t go further, we encourage doing this as a team (teach and lead your referral doing the same thing as you), build a group to let you and your team business go further.


Q1 : When will I receive my commission?

Once customer paid and received the goods, the commission will be paid by monthly basis. Our payment date is every 15th.

Q2 : How much will I get for each sign-up I refer?

For personal sale, you will get RM100 for every mattress sold.(Single, Super Single, Queen and King)

Furthermore, you may build up your team and group as well. There will be another override for every mattress sold out.

Q3 : Can I promote Ideal Shop by using your website logo and pictures?

Yes you can. Please give credit to Ideal Shop wherever it’s necessary.

Q4 : I’m interested to introduce a few friends to you, how can I get started?

Sign up for an account here. And create your own affiliate link so that you can start refer friends with your affiliate link.

Working with Ideal is amazing. Commission payout is good and always pay on time. Looking forward to introduce more clients to you! At the same time i can build my team to earn money online.

Siti Hajar / Blogger

My friends who newly move are very satisfy with your mattress quality and the selling price is low than retail market. Save her a lot of money, will definitely recommend and refer more to your company.

Salleh Firdaus / IG Influencer

Thank you a lot for your referral bonus, allow me review on your product and generate multiple income.

Betty / Social Media Influencer